Generous minutes for calling

A fair call quality regardless of your Internet connection speed.

Plenty of SMS

To be sent to all Ooredoo Tunisia numbers.

Remember my username and password

Our Vision

Stay in touch with the people who are dear to you, call and text them with a single and unique application. LINK gives priority to human beings not to numbers. Take your time in your conversation and enjoy a 5 minutes welcome gift.
Simple and secured: with LINK stay close with your world at any part of the world!

What is it?

LINK is a new application that allows you to call all Ooredoo numbers from abroad.
Available for Android and iOS smartphone, and available only outside

Who it is for ?

LINK is for all Tunisians living abroad who already have a Ooredoo SIM card*
*: Ooredoo SIM card must be active and not used by another person in Tunisia

Install ooredoo

Choose your mobile system